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Mobile App Development
Bits to byte is commuted to bring mobile app expertise to the table. Our team of developers creative and knowledgeable to fulfil your need of an excellent mobile app for individual or business needs. We create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises.

 Business Oriented
Mobile app industry marks the present and future of the business market. So if you have a development idea then don’t wait to get it live. Because a business is all about users and clients and keeping abreast of modern trends and audience’s requirements is a wise choice.

Android App
Android is an open source environment with thousands of devices. The API rules are less strict and so quality assurance testing is more intensive. Our android developers are passionate in crafting the highest quality mobile application for you.

iOS App
With the advent of iOS technological advancements, we build elegant and engaging iPhone applications. Designing and developing user-friendly apps is the key point that our developers focus on.

the path we flow through
Development Work Flow

The first step is to clearly understand what is the requirement. We create a written definition of the app that exactly spells out what the app will do, who the users will be and why will they want this app. We get the answer to ‘Why you need this app?

The development and technical phase starts from here. Once the idea is cleared up in the previous phase, a rough structure of the app is drawn. The first visual representation of how the app will look is made on a sketchpad, whiteboard, photoshop or on template tiles.

The strategy is complete, the stage is set and we have the design. It’s now time to build the app! The development team sits together to develop a running model of the structure prepared in the previous phase.

Now that the app is ready, it undergoes two types of testing: UAT (User Acceptance Test) and BETA testing. In the first stage, the app is given to a handful of users who use it and test it out. Once the app passes this test we know that the app works. In the second stage, the app is made available for beta testing. Feedback from beta users determines whether the app is suitable for real-world environment or not.
    Deploy / Launch

Your app is now complete and ready to launch! Pick a day and key up a formal launch. Congratulations! Your app is out there now!
    Support / Update

Deploying an app is not the end. Every app requires updates and maintenance. We know that a mobile application is not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of project. Bits to Byte provides up to 6 months free support service* for each mobile app. The support service includes keeping up with new policies, changes according to feedback and new updates.