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Website Development
Our web design work has its own creativity at the top level, that delivers world class website solutions. We create responsive, retina and mobile friendly websites. Our main focus is to deliver a website that generates your business online.

Responsive Design
Creating a dynamic viewing experience for easy reading and navigation is the first rule that we follow. We build fast-loading, highly optimised experiences that works across a wide range of devices.

Be it commercial or personal website, or a website for any niche of the industry for that matter, designing is what contributes to the greater part of an amazing website. But you want to incorporate so many features that your website becomes a showpiece instead of a beautiful magazine. The right balance of graphics and information is what takes a website from ‘good’ to ‘great’.
We at Bits to Byte help our customers to achieve just that. Along with the best graphics, we also make sure that it doesn’t get into the way of information. We customize the design with stereophonic approach to maintain a perspective for website specification.

Website plays the same role as that of an advertisement. An innovative design compels your customers to explore your website further. An eye-catching website will increase your chances of getting more business by almost 50% as compared to a normal site.

Mobile Friendly
If your website is not responsive, you are doing it wrong. Giving your customers a dynamic viewing experience is vital to your website’s success. A great website is fast loading, highly optimised, responsive and adaptive.

Your website is more likely to be viewed through a range of devices from mobile phone to tablets. Having a website that works across all platforms is a pre-requisite in this age of technology.

the path we flow through
Development Work Flow

The first step is to clearly understand what is the requirement. We create a written definition of the app that exactly spells out what the app will do, who the users will be and why will they want this app. We get the answer to ‘Why you need this app?

The development and technical phase starts from here. Once the idea is cleared up in the previous phase, a rough structure of the app is drawn. The first visual representation of how the app will look is made on a sketchpad, whiteboard, photoshop or on template tiles.

The strategy is complete, the stage is set and we have the design. It’s now time to build the app! The development team sits together to develop a running model of the structure prepared in the previous phase.

Now that the app is ready, it undergoes two types of testing: UAT (User Acceptance Test) and BETA testing. In the first stage, the app is given to a handful of users who use it and test it out. Once the app passes this test we know that the app works. In the second stage, the app is made available for beta testing. Feedback from beta users determines whether the app is suitable for real-world environment or not.
    Deploy / Launch

Your app is now complete and ready to launch! Pick a day and key up a formal launch. Congratulations! Your app is out there now!
    Support / Update

Deploying an app is not the end. Every app requires updates and maintenance. We know that a mobile application is not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of project. Bits to Byte provides up to 6 months free support service* for each mobile app. The support service includes keeping up with new policies, changes according to feedback and new updates.